Farm Pictures

Our son, Joel, grinding organic corn for the chickens. The corn is ground fresh each morning. About 50% of the vitamins are lost in the first 10 hours after a grain is cracked, and almost all of the vitamins are lost within 72 hours. The corn is mixed with a protein, mineral, and vitamin concentrate mix that we get from Organic Unlimited in Pennsylvania.

These are the potatoes in our garden. We saved large potatoes from what we grew last year and used them for seed potatoes this year. The plants on the right are Yukon Gold and are about 2 feet tall. The four rows on the left are Kennebecs and they are about half the height. Last year we purchased seed potatoes and the Kennebec plants were the largest and the Yukon Gold’s were smaller with smaller yields. The 3-D electric deer fence around the garden worked well last year and so far this year.

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