A Stink Bug Trap that Really Works

We discovered an easy, non-toxic way to get rid of stink bugs. Place a light above a pan with soapy water and leave the light on all night. The stink bugs are attracted to the light. Once they get in the water, they quickly drown. For the soap we used liquid dish detergent. In 24 hours we have caught as many as 400 or 500 stink bugs. This works well in the winter and early spring when the stink bugs are coming out of their winter hiding spots and want to go outside. It may not work in the summer or fall. A friend of ours tried it last fall and all he caught was moths.

A stink bug trap we put in the attic. The light is a twisty fluorescent bulb. We also tried it without the reflector on the clamp lamp and that worked well too.