Eggs are a Large Vitamin and Mineral Pill

Earlier this year, two leading nutritionists gave reports to the International Egg Commission in which they explained that eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein with high amino acid content. They said that per 100 grams, the nutrients in eggs are comparable to meat. One of the nutritionists, Professor Windisch, stressed the importance of eating the correct combination of amino acids and stressed that eggs provide these in a highly suitable quantity. He said that eggs are a excellent source of calcium, sodium, iodine, selenium and vitamins A, D, and E, making it a "mineral cocktail". He further explained that because eggs are the source of life for chickens, they naturally contain the nutrients that we need for healthy bodies.

The other nutritionist, Dr. Layman, said that during the past 30-40 years, people have been told to avoid cholesterol and animal fats in their diets. He believes that this advice has led to people eating a high ratio of carbohydrates which has been a contributing factor in an increase in obesity, diabetes, sarcopenia, osteoporosis, and heart disease. He said one of the problems we’re battling is the protein myth that adults eat more protein than they need. Dr. Layman also stressed that the protein that people are eating is not evenly distributed throughout the day. 65% of the protein is consumed after 6:30 in the evening. Most Americans eat less than 12 grams of protein in their breakfast. It is important to have adequate protein for breakfast for the brain and muscles to function properly throughout the day. Eggs are an excellent breakfast food to provide morning protein and other nutrients that are important for life.

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