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Pastured Raw Chicken Dog and Cat Food

We are excited to introduce our pasture raised food for your pets. After years of "research" costing thousands of dollars, it suddenly dawned on us that we had a food that animals loved to eat and would take great risks to get it. Our "research" was not what you normally think of as research. It consisted of going out to the hens to find yet another fox kill. Over the years we developed an electric fence that kept out most foxes. But it has been amazing the risks that foxes will take to eat a Jehovah-Jireh Farm chicken dinner.

There is a growing trend of feeding dogs and cats a raw diet like they are designed to eat or more like they would eat in the wild. That means feeding bones along with the raw meat and other raw foods. Feeding commercial pet foods has resulted in many pets having diseases similar to humans. Many pets have allergies or get cancer or other sicknesses which result in large vet bills. The trend of feeding a raw food diet was designed to try to correct some of these health problems. However, much of the available raw chicken pet food that is available is from conventionally raised chicken which in itself is not the health giving food product it should be.

To read more about raw feeding, search for "Raw feeding dogs" or "Raw feeding cats".

This pasture raised raw chicken dog and cat food is unique from anything else you can buy in the store. It consists of the whole egg laying chicken, which includes all the fat, meat and bones, the head, organ meats, feet, and developing egg yolks, minus the feathers and intestines. The entire product is ground in a large heavy duty meat grinder which grinds the bones with the meat into a product that looks similar to ground turkey. We also mix in a small amount of colloidal minerals.

What makes our Dog and Cat Food unique?

Mrs. Fox loves our dog and cat food, but will your dog or cat like it? If the actions of our kitten Suzie is any indication, we are sure they will. We took Suzie and her two sisters for a photo shoot as they ate their new raw chicken cat food. Suzie was more timid and would grab some chicken and go by herself to eat it. It didn't take long for the three kittens to eat their bowl of food and fill their little tummies, but we didn't get any pictures that we could use. Cathy suggested that we feed one of the older cats and get pictures of her.

Soon after we stepped out of the house, Suzie spied the cat dish that I (Myron) was carrying and recognized it as the one she had just eaten out of. She became very animated and wanted that cat food. She started climbing my pant leg, something she has never done before.

Here is the sequence of pictures:

We gave the bowl of our raw chicken dog and cat food to Patches.

Suzie, the black kitten, jumped up on the wall to get some more of that delicious chicken.

Angus, the larger black cat, came to investigate and Patches was chased away.

Next came Lava, the gray cat. It was too much for Suzie. There were too many cats eating HER chicken dinner! You can see her growling.

The formerly timid Suzie chased away Lava and claimed the whole dish for herself!

Try some of our Dog and Cat food and see if your pet loves it as much as Suzie does. We would love to hear your feedback, both positive and negative, and any suggestions you have.