Jehovah-Jireh Farm

Pasture-raised meats and eggs

All the walls and ceilings had cracks in the plaster1865 viewsHere Grandpa is removing the fan so we can finish repairing the cracks in the ceiling. This room was the worst. Note all the cracks in the ceiling and walls. After the cracks were dug out it required three coats of Durabond compound.
Joel digging out cracks in the plaster1311 viewsThe plaster was hard and kept wearing down the point on our tools. So we made a tool using case hardened cut nails sharpened to a point and inserted it into a stick of wood. We kept sharpening the nails when they got dull. It worked much better than anything we could have bought.
Plaster Repair - Master Bedroom1246 viewsCathy said the mustard yellow color on the walls of her bedroom had to go!
Cathy Painting1431 viewsMuch of Cathy's time was spent in keeping us fed and keeping the old farm going - cleaning eggs, etc. She also found time to help with fixing up the house.
Joel doing paint prep1274 viewsOur oldest son, Joel, received a big education in historic preservation work. He worked early morning til dark six days a week.
Myron Painting the Kitchen Cabinets1416 viewsWe will be remodeling the kitchen in several years. However, a coat of white paint made the old cabinets serviceable until then.
Daniel painting shoe moulding1339 viewsBefore we started work on the house all the children received training on how to paint. They learned the correct way to hold a paint brush and how to apply the paint. Daniel, age 9, did a good job here painting the shoe mould.
Grandpa replacing window sills1224 viewsGrandpa (Myron's Dad) helped us a lot. He did a lot of the odds and ends that we didn't have time to get done
Even the youngest ones worked hard1430 viewsLuke (7) and Melody (6) unloading the picnic table and benches from the trailer. Each day we would bring a load of things over to the new farm. All the children wanted to help at the new farm. It was often a challege finding enough work for the younger ones to satisfy them.
Closing in the open sided machine shed1495 viewsGrandpa, our boys, and their cousins working together had a great time one Saturday.
Exposing the Log Walls in the Girl's Room1427 viewsThe log walls had been covered with plaster and the plaster was in bad shape. We removed the plaster and found flat rocks wedged between the logs. We removed the rocks so we could insulate the space between the logs.
Chinking the Log Walls1530 viewsOur sons, Joel and Nathan, chinking the logs in the girl's room. Insulation was first stuffed in the cracks, then wire lath was nailed across the gap. Then a colored mortar was troweled over the lath to simulate mud chinking.
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