Jehovah-Jireh Farm

Pasture-raised meats and eggs

146 viewsCats are an important part of our farm. They keep down the rats which like eating the chicken feed!
The Egg Cleaner205 views
Speading Gravel 253 views
Taking out Duct Work 182 viewsSince our furnace went out a year after we moved in, and the wood stoves work fine, we tore out the old duct work in the living room to free up a lot of space.
160 viewsPutting in posts for a porch roof on the false front of the hoop barn.
Turkey Shelter1120 viewsMyron and the boys building a new turkey shelter.
Studio744 viewsWe built several small studios for our oldest two boys where they can go to read, study, and play their instruments.
Corn Day759 viewsHere is the husking crew. Corn day is always a special fun day. Our family has learned to enjoy working together on a project. It can be a fun family time. Corn day is also an all you can eat corn on the cob at lunch. With 26 brix corn it is a real treat. The corn is so sweet and tender.
Corn Day689 viewsThe crew removing the silk.
Corn Day667 viewsThis is a cooker/canner that Myron put together. It is heated by a weed burning torch and it will quickly boil water. We tried a burner from a turkey frier, but it did not put out enough heat to make the job go quickly.
Corn Day732 viewsThe corn is cut off the cob using corn cutter boards.
Corn Day704 viewsThe corn is put into freezer boxes and the freezer filled. There is plenty of delicious high brix home grown corn to enjoy all winter. It is a satisfaction that cannot be matched by just having money in the bank.
Canning756 viewsCathy and Kara canning vegetable soup.
Canning749 viewsOne set of Cathy's canning shelves loaded for the winter. Because our health to a large extent is the result of what we eat, we are continually trying to grow and preserve the highest quality fruits and vegetables that we can for our family.
The root cellar922 viewsPotatoes in the cellar. 4 gallon buckets with some holes drilled in them for ventilation are an improvement over the old wooden bushel basket. With the buckets we can stack them up so they don't take up as much space.
Greenhouse697 viewsCathy wanted a greenhouse where she could start plants and grow salad greens. So we built her one in the kitchen garden.
The Bee Yard685 viewsOur oldest son, Joel, working in his bee yard inspecting the hives.
The Bee Yard666 viewsJoel with a tall hive, loaded with honey.
Family Night738 viewsOne family night we dried apples. We have several apple peeler slicers. The slices are put on wooden poles and dried over the wood stove.
Family Night633 viewsWe call the dried apples, apple schnitz. The next day before the apples could be removed and stored, some apple snitchers had eaten about half of them!
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