Jehovah-Jireh Farm

Pasture-raised meats and eggs

Front of House before2836 viewsThe right side of the house is a two story log cabin built around 1850. The left section of the house was added around 1900.
Front of house After - The house was completely repainted2451 viewsThe pictures in this album show the preservation work that we did from October 6 through December 9, 2006 to get the house ready for us to move into.
Back of the house Before2278 viewsThe grass was tall and hard to walk through. Weeds, brush, and sticker bushes were all over the place.
Back of house After2390 views
Foyer Before2318 viewsThe stair railing and newel posts were caked with wood putty. It was a mess!
Foyer After2352 views
Living Room Before2235 viewsThe heart pine floors through out the house had never been sanded after they were installed. They probably had a coat of varnish put on a hundred years ago.
Living room After2295 viewsThe heart pine floors look beautiful now that they are sanded and varnished.
The Kitchen Before2558 viewsThis is part of the 1850 log section. There is a stone fireplace that is covered over.
The Kitchen after2507 views
Laundry Room before2258 viewsThis is part of the 1850 log section of the house.
Laundry room After2321 views
The Girls Bedroom Before2420 viewsThis was the worst room in the house. The windows were boarded up, and plaster was falling off the walls. At first glance it did not appear to have much potential other than a storage area. But look at the after picture and see what was hiding under the plaster.
Girls Bedroom After2604 viewsThe log walls turned out beautiful. The girls love their log cabin room. The floor is random width poplar and has a rich brown color.
Shed Before2341 views
Shed After2436 views
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