Jehovah-Jireh Farm

Pasture-raised meats and eggs

Farm Store 259 views
Happy Hens Scratch in the Dirt249 viewsA chicken's natural instinct is to scratch and peck in search of food. Many times you will see them pecking at what appears to be just dirt. However, if you look very close at the ground, you will see a multitude of soil life crawling around.
The hen pasture 276 viewsIn the foreground, you see the former boiler shelters. The rest are the layers.
Farm Buildings 260 viewsThe main buildings. The hoop barn is all the way to the right, and you can see the house on the hill from the store and shop.
Hen shelters in the early morning2594 viewsEarly morning is one of the most beautiful times of the day on the farm. The fresh, crisp air, and the beauty of the mist hanging over the land invigorate the soul.
Autumn on the Farm2425 viewsThe trees look pretty in the late afternoon sun.
Texel Yearling Ram904 views
A Big Little Ego 886 viewsThis little ram lamb thought he should be biggest. But, he found that he couldn't shove the boss around!
Sheep919 viewsThe sheep are rotated through the hen pastures to keep the grass short enough for the hens. Chickens prefer the grass to be less than 6" tall. Tall grass makes it hard for them to walk around in the pasture and makes it easy for a fox to sneak up on them.
Breakfast1164 viewsIt is morning, and the hens are being let out on their pasture. Each night the gate is closed to keep out the wild critters that love chicken dinners.
Hen Shelters1058 viewsThe hen shelters sit out in the pasture. Each flock of hens has about two acres of pasture. The small buildings between the two shelters are the nest houses.
Hens on pasture968 views
Nest house1126 viewsThe nest house is attached to the shelter and the hens go in there to lay their eggs.
Eggs in the nest house3236 viewsThe hens lay their eggs in the nest house. After the eggs are laid, they roll out to the "tray" where we gather them from the outside of the nest house. The roll out tray helps keep the eggs clean.
Our farm viewed from Sugarloaf Mountain2954 viewsThis is the view of our farm from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain looking west. The first large open area that goes the full width of the picture is our farm. The pastures from one end to the other are 1/2 mile long. You can't see the house because it sits down behind the trees.
View of the farm from the back pasture2892 viewsIn the center are two of the laying hen flocks with the hens having a picnic in the snow. In the background is Sugarloaf Mountain.
Unusual Egg3351 viewsThis is one of the most unusual eggs that our hens laid. It looks like a man showing off his muscle.
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