Jehovah-Jireh Farm: Local, pasture-raised meats and eggs
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How to Purchase and Order

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Chicken and Turkey

We process our chickens and turkeys right here on the farm. On the processing day you will come to our farm between 1:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Thursday or Friday, or 9:00am and 5:00pm on Saturday, to pick up your fresh chicken. You will need a cooler(s) and ice. (They are whole birds.) Frozen chickens and chicken cuts are also available for purchase anytime. See prices below the order form.

A note on sizes:
  You are buying your pasture-raised chickens from a small, local, farmer. Please remember that our pasture-raised chickens are not like factory-farmed birds where tens of thousands of birds are raised under very controlled conditions. We raise much smaller batches on pasture and are not able to precisely control the size of our pasture raised chickens for processing on a specific date. There are many variables that are outside of our control in raising chickens on pasture. Weather that is too hot, too cold, too rainy, too dry, etc. all have an effect on the size. In general, the May and November batches tend to be larger on average, and the July, August, and September batches tend to be smaller because of the heat. In each batch of chickens, there are usually, but not always, some that tend to be around 3 lbs. and some that are 5+ lbs. with the majority around 4 to 4 1/2 lbs. The sizes are available on a first come basis. We cannot hold a certain size for you. Please be forgiving if the birds we have for you are a little larger or a little smaller than you anticipated. Cook a few extra vegetables if they are smaller, enjoy the leftovers if they are larger and savor the superior flavor of your pasture-raised chicken.

We accept payment by cash or checks. We do not ship products.

Information on eggs and lamb is below order form.

Place Your Order for Fresh Chicken and Turkey - 2014

We're Sorry

The order form is not yet available for 2015.

Eggs, Frozen Chicken, Frozen Turkey and Lamb

These products are available for immediate purchase; you do not need to order.


We sell our eggs on the honor system from an outdoor refrigerator on our farm. The price for eggs is $4.60 a dozen for large and $4.90 for jumbo. If you bring back one of our clean egg cartons to exchange, the price is $.10 off. No Sunday purchases, please.

Frozen Chicken

Frozen chicken is available at the farm. The price is $4.29/lb.

NEW! Convenience Packs

Convenience PacksSave time and money with our handy convenience packs. Each pack contains about 2-3 pounds of boneless, skinless breast; wings; thighs; legs; backs; necks; or soup bones.

Boneless Skinless Breast   $10.79/lb
Soup Bones$2.52

Smaller packs also available:

Boneless Skinless Breast   $11.99/lb
Leg Quarters$4.99
Soup Bones$2.80
Stewing Hens$3.29

Frozen Turkey

Frozen turkey is not available right now.

Turkey Prices by the pound

Whole Turkey   $4.29
Soup Bones   2.29
Hearts & Livers4.29


Lamb is available by the cut at the farm.

Lamb Prices by the pound

Rib Chops$15.99
Loin Chops15.99
Shoulder Chops   10.99
Leg of Lamb9.99
Shank Bones7.99
Lamb Neck6.99
Organ Meats3.49
Soup Bones1.99

Prices subject to change.