Meet Your Farmers – Part 4


Age 16

Luke is our dairy manager and takes care of milking our two milk cows. He also enjoys doing mechanic work on our equipment and helping keep everything in working order. He has almost completed his required driving hours on his learner’s permit and is looking forward to getting his driver’s license this fall.

Luke plays mandolin and fiddle and enjoys singing bass. He also enjoys biking.


Age 14

Melody is our cat “manager” and is responsible to make sure the cat farm workers are adequately fed, but not feed too much that they get lazy and don’t take care of all the mice and rats. She loves cats and has them all named. She can often be seen holding a kitten or petting a cat. She is also one of her Mom’s right-hand helpers.

Melody is the right name for her. She loves to sing and has a good clear soprano voice. She also sings alto. Her favorite instrument is the piano/keyboard. Several months ago she bought an acoustic-electric bass and has learned to play it well enough to play it when we sing together as a family. She also enjoys writing stories.

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