RBTI – Reams Theory of Biological Ionization

A little over two years ago, Cathy’s mother was diagnosed with the same skin cancer that took Cathy’s Dad’s life. She had the spot removed. We told her about the RBTI program and Cathy taught her how to do the urine and saliva tests. Her mom called an RBTI consultant and followed the dietary recommendations that he has been giving her. She has been free of cancer for the last two years. The cost has been very inexpensive, about $125 to $150 a month which includes the cost of the consultant.

The RBTI program was developed by Carey Reams and has been successful in helping thousands of people with cancer and many other diseases and illnesses. We first found out about the RBTI program at an agricultural seminar on high brix gardening. Carey Reams was the one who discovered the correlation between brix and nutrient density in plants, fruits and vegetables.
Reams realized that if he knew what perfect health was, then it would be possible to move the human body closer to perfect and bring about healing. God revealed to him in the early 1930’s a simple urine and saliva test and the perfect numbers for that test. The urine is tested for sugar, pH, salts, cell debris, nitrate nitrogen, and ammonia nitrogen. The saliva is tested for pH.

Reams also discovered that, as with plants, calcium is the most important element lacking in the human body. By using the appropriate calcium supplements, fresh squeezed lemon water, and distilled water, the body can be moved into a healing range. Each person is different and has different needs. The calcium supplement and dietary recommendations need to be formulated for each individual based on their test results. Many alternative "cures" and diets work for some and not for others because their bodies are different. One may have high sugar, another will have low sugar. The same thing will not work for both. With the RBTI program, the test shows what the body needs for healing.

To read more: http://www.rbti.info/

A good book on RBTI is Choose Life or Death by Carey Reams with Cliff Dudley.