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A New Perspective on Farming and Health

In Isaiah 26 God says that He teaches the farmer how to farm. Having read these verses, we as a family decided to see what we could learn from God in the Bible on how to farm. It has been very exciting in what we have found. (You can find a copy of some of what God has been showing us at Biblical Research Reports.)

We have been encouraged by George Washington Carver, a black scientist, and his testimony of how he over and over again went to the Creator and asked Him to teach him what the peanut was for. One of the most important things that George Washington Carver learned was to hear God speak to him and to teach him how to make products from the peanut. As a result, Carver in his lifetime discovered:

God has that kind of resources available to each one of us.

Here is one small highlight from our study:

Genesis 3:23 “God sent him (Adam) forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.”